Evolution of Cooperation in Games talk materials



To run the models below (discussed in the slides) you need to download and install NetLogo first. It runs on most plantforms (windows, osx, linux) and is open source.

Download NetLogo from: https://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/


You can load the below models into NetLogo (after download them by right-clicking and selecting download):

Mean-Field Model
Lattice (spatial PD) Model
Tag Model
Network Rewire Model

Alternatively all the models are contained in this zip file: evo-coop-models-netlogo.zip

Other Materials

Tutorials on how to program NetLogo for ABM can be found at: http://www.davidhales.name/abm-netlogo

Most of the papers cited in the slides can be downloaded from http://www.davidhales.name/msiis

NetLogo has a built-in models library with lots of example ABM