Paper: Group Reputation Supports Beneficent Norms

Author: David Hales


Included below is a Java JAR file containing the simulation program (both “.class” files and source “.java” files) associated with the above paper. The JAR file cannot currently be run as an Applet so you must download the file and run it locally on your machine. In order to run the file you must have the Java runtime environment installed on your machine (at least version 1.3.1). The Java runtime environment can be downloaded from


The simulation currently has no fancy GUI – if you run the JAR file it will simply output results to a file called normsim-output.txt. To change the present experiments you need to unpack the JAR file and examine and change the source file and then recompile. If you do unpack the JAR file then make sure you unpack to a directory in your class path. This is necessary because use is made of packages.


Coming soon will be an Applet version of the simulation with a nice GUI allowing you to run the simulation from a browser and change parameters. Until then, you’ll have to make do with this I’m afraid.


To download to JAR file right-click and save: normsim.jar


David Hales.